• 4 306,00 грн.

    1) Strict adherence to the rules of ergonomics2) Bent plywood spring under load and thus complements the effect of comfort3) Compact chairs allows you to place it in any room. Size: Total Height- 105 cm. Shyryna- 65 cm. Hlybyna- 73 cm.

    4 306,00 грн.
  • 9 539,00 грн.

    9 539,00 грн.
  • 4 163,00 грн.

    4 163,00 грн.
  • 37 140,00 грн.

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Internet shop of sofas and other upholstered furniture "Elegant"

Why buy a sofa is better than it is here?

Here is a list of the main benefits:

- Developed about 60 designs of sofas;
- Frame of sofas made of Carpathian beech;
- During production, uses only Swiss water-based glue, which guarantees the absence of environmental and chemical odors;
- Use hypoallergenic filler - hollofayber;
- Designed sofas dimensions will help you find the best solution for even the smallest apartments;
- A large range of fabrics;
- The continued availability of the storage program at the best prices;
- The opportunity to buy and get the sofa within 24 hours after the order;
- The continued availability of promotional offers for the purchase of sofas.

Furniture factory "Elegant" - is the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of upholstered furniture. Buy sofas have a snap!